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Post 2- Running Away Together

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

My husband and I, like the majority of married couples, never get time alone. As in NEVER GET TIME ALONE. Earlier this year we starting planning a trip for just the two of us. The last trip we had taken alone was our honeymoon 9 years ago.

It was time.

Beyond time.

He made reservations at the Four Seasons in Santa Fe, NM. We both love the mountains and scenery so Santa Fe was the perfect place to run off to. While we only had a few days, we made the absolute most of it.

Fall was already in full swing when we arrived. The yellow on the trees was almost neon. It was unreal how beautiful it all was. The first day we were there, we drove the Turquoise Trail from Alberquerie to Santa Fe. The drive only lasted an hour but it was breathtaking.

We had made reservations for a convertible earlier in the year, not knowing that this unprecedented winter storm was approaching so instead we were given a Dodge Challenger that Landon was intent on driving us off of a cliff in. It was fun. I drove it and I could see why he liked driving it so much. Now he wants to trade in his truck for one. Sure, Jan.

That night we ate dinner at Sazon in downtown Santa Fe. The food was top notch and the service was out of this world. Our plates were clean and we instantly had a new favorite restaurant.

The Four Seasons in Rancho Encantado was such a romantic and quiet place. The casitas had fireplaces, heated concrete floors that I wanted to sleep on, fully stocked everything, and the most beautifully decorated rooms.

The second morning we were there we woke up to snow. Talk about the most beautiful thing ever. It was freezing but we made the most out of it. Seeing snow on the mountains isn't something we get to see EVER so we grinned and beared it.

We went to Bandelier National Monument the last day we were there. What a beautiful place. It was so quiet and so serene. Landon and I hiked up and saw the most amazing views. I think I said "Wow isn't this beautiful??" every 6 feet. The history that is there is so interesting and I would love to bring the kids back one day. I know they would love it just as much as we did.

Our last dinner there was at the ultra swanky Geronimo on Canyon Rd. It is mixed in with a ton of art galleries so the atmosphere is wonderful and artsy. We were sat next to the fireplace, given glasses of champagne and had one of the best meals we have ever had. It was so nice to sit, chat and celebrate us at such a great place.

This was such a needed trip for us and we really needed the reconnection. I missed our kids but we needed some time apart. I honestly don't think the kids thought about us at all. They had some time with their grandparents. All in all, this trip was excellent. Even the dog had a great time at the boarding place we put her.

Marriages take work. You can't get lazy and you can't slack off. While you might not need the spark to be alive at all times, you do need to put forth effort and get to know your spouse constantly.

I really hope that it won't be another nine years until our next trip alone together. We probably won't get to do things like this annually but I would love to try.

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