• Misty Roussa


Just start writing.

I must tell myself that at least three times a day. When I wake up. When I feel stuck. When I go to bed.

Words to me come easier when I am in silence, when I am driving, when I am in the shower. My words then flow out of me so fast that even if I was able to grab a pen and paper, I doubt I could keep up.

I live and function in my head. I reside there most of the time because it is the safest place for me to be. It's where I feel most like myself. It's where I can be free. My writings all live there, too, and I work on them constantly. Always writing and always thinking is my MO.

Putting myself out there is not easy for me and its something that I honestly dread doing. Rejection and all that. I don't deal with any of that well. So I haven't done it.

But what if it turns out better than I thought it would? What if what I am thinking is what someone needs to hear? What if it is something I need to do?

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